Girl Fight at the Store

Last night provided a few firsts for me during an overnight at the store.  I previously worked at a much busier store and the weekends were quite a scene with three local bars nearby and nothing else open when they would empty out.  I had more than my fair share of excitement there.  I estimate that there was one major fight every other month while I worked there.  By major fight I mean the kind where police are called and an ambulance would be needed for one of the participants.  With that being said I never had any fights inside the store or any fights that were all girls.  Last night I had both!

It started simply enough.  Two girls came into the store, one drunk and one not drunk.  I had some totes sitting next to the salad case for stocking and the drunk girl decided she wanted to help.  I was waiting on her friend when she began doing this and I asked her to stop and I would take care of them.  She was only taking them out of the tote and lightly tossing them on top of the other salads.  After she started doing this another drunk girl walked in and approached the salad case.  She immediately claimed that the other girl was throwing the salads at her.  She also thought she worked at the store.  When she asked the girl “tossing the salads” she told her that she did work there.  By then I was at the salad case and got her to stop and I made it clear that she did not work for us.  They threw a few insults back and forth and then they walked away.  Great, situation averted.

Not so fast!  Now another drunk girl walks into the store and she is with the second drunk girl who thought she was having salads thrown at her.  When she is told what happened she went to the first drunk girl and confronted her about throwing things at her friend.  First drunk girl starts mouthing back while her sober friend tries to get her to shut her mouth and leave.  That did not work and suddenly the one girl swings at the other one and they end up on the floor punching, kicking, scratching, pulling hair, you know, all the usual girl fight stuff.  The fight is actually between the drunk salad tosser girl and the drunk friend of the drunk salad threatened girl.  Is this getting confusing?  The sober friend jumped in to try to separate the fight and the drunk salad threatened girl stood over the two and took a few kicks at the drunk salad tosser girl as she was on the floor fighting with her drunk friend.

I had one of my other guys call the police while I tried to separate everybody.  There was a point where the drunk salad threatened girl walked around and was going to stomp on the drunk salad tosser girl’s head.  At this point I actually grabbed her and pulled her away from the fight.  The girls separated at this point.  The drunk salad tosser girl and her sober friend quickly left.  I had announced that the police had been called and were on their way.  I am not sure if drunk salad tosser girl was hurt or not but I know she did receive a few hard punches during the fight.  There were also a few clumps of her hair left on the floor when it was over.

The other two girls berated me for mentioning that they were the aggressors in the fight.  Told me I was a terrible manager for allowing my “employee” to start a fight with a customer.  Remember I made it clear in the beginning that she “did not” work for us.  They then told me that I was being racist for siding with the other two girls.  Did I mention that everyone involved was white!  I had to laugh at her when she said this.  They then bought two doughnuts and left.  Got to have some doughnuts after a fight. 

The police showed up about ten minutes after the fight ended.  All of the participants had left at that point and since there was no victim they would not take a report.  I asked the officer “What happens if one of the girls ends up at the hospital?”  He told me they would deal with things then if that were to happen.  Why did I call the police again?  That is frustrating.  

So there you go I had two firsts in my 3rd shift career with a high volume convenience store.  A fight inside the store and one that involved all girls.  They were all good-looking young ladies also.  For us old timers it was like going to see GLOW live!  (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)  Go look that up on Youtube.